Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Drawing Board Calls Once More

Remember my prototype? Well here is the finished piece.
Looks quite lovely doesn't it?....well that's where you'd be wrong. Now if you, like Marnie the manniquin are flat chested and don't breathe it's perfect. But if you feel the need to inhale and exhale and you have bustline any bigger that 32 AA then this isn't for you.
Because the slightest movement and all the discs sort of fall into each other and become concave (a bit like Marnies chest really). So all that cutting of grungeboard and glueing of wall paper and opening and closing jump rings and adding chain and a pretty clasp was all for nothing. Sigh!!!!!
But this wasn't. I love this even though DH said it looked like a dog choker. This from someone who when told a guy told our daughter her hair smelled like a meadow asked, "a meadow, is that like a swamp?" no dear, a meadow is a field of sweet smelling wildflowers. Shrek lives in a swamp.

Another little experiment, black rubber tubing, jade coloured strips of frayed silk ribbon, wire wrapped together and silver beads threaded on.
Look......I even made my own clasp.
So glad I made these after the gold disc disaster. Boosted my confidence some what.


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