Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back To The Real World

We had a fantastic holiday and I won't bore you with a whole heap of holiday pix. This is a photo of one of the yachts in Constitution Harbour that had arrived from Sydney with a huge ocean liner in the background. The view from out motel at about 6.00 am with the sun just coming up over the mountains. Never got tired of that view.
And never got tired of eating these. OMG the fattest, meatiest, juiciest, sweetest cherries I've ever eaten. I ate so many I'm now a bit fat and juicy myself.
It was great to spend Christmas with my sisters in Geelong, Victoria. Then spending a couple of days in Melbourne with a very old friend (she's not old, but our friendship is) and then heading off to Hobart. Tasmania is just gorgeous, I could live there in a heart beat. So much history and would love to have spent at least another week there just cruising around and taking it all in.
Maybe next year!


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