Friday, January 8, 2010

Wearable Willow Ware

Just before I went away on holidays I took a trip down to my favourite Save The Children Fund op shop. They have the best library of second hand books at ridiculous prices and I was desperate for something to read on the plane. I told myself that I wouldn't look in the SH jewellry section (now that's just silly) and I was only there to buy a book. So while I was waiting to pay for said book I gave the jewellry display case a cursory glance and this jumped out at me and begged me to buy it. It was only $4.00, so what was I to do. The money is going to a good cause I told myself and promptly bought it. It's ceramic with a Willow Ware design on it. It doesn't look this yellow in real life. I'm afraid it's my bad photography.I just happened to have these mottled blue and white beads..........
.......and these little bird charms........
......and two different styles of silver chain........
......and this is what I made.

Also before I went away I made this. It started off as a bracelet (as so many of my pieces seem to do of late).
And became this. The chain is brown polyester, very light and easy to work with. Plus all those little charms gave me the opportunity to practice my wire wrapping. Some of them are still pretty dodgey!
It reminds me of the jewelry from India we all used to wear back in the sixties. That's if you were a bit of a hippy chic which I may or may not have been.


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