Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Groove is Missing

It's taking me forever to get back into the swing of things. Now Christmas is well and truly over, our holiday is slowly just becoming a faded memory (not really) and DH has gone back to work, I still can't seem to find my groove.
I did have a big desk clean up though. Packed lots of stuff away after I found a large plastic container with a lid in the laundry that was can that be, an empty container....why wasn't I told! So off to Bunnings I went and bought a large set of plastic drawers that fit perfectly under my desk right next to my Ikea Alex drawer set. Now all that needs to be done is label them. Thank goodness for the trusty dymo label maker.
So in between all that packing away and sorting I did manage a few pairs of wallpaper earring that I've added a few embellishments to.
This pair, coppery bronzey coloured background with a silver leaf design. I added some 'old gold' dangley charms to give them a bit of weight.
I'm glad I took this close up photo. I can see that I haven't closed a jump ring properly.
Brown background wallpaper with a silver leaf design, I've added some more scrapbook embellishments to them. Gun metal grey paper clips.
Same wallpaper as the first pair with some Blue Moon earring hooks.
Oh no! I can hear Mr Whippy the icecream guy coming up the street. would have to be the worst earworm ever, now I'm going to be stuck with that tune in my head all day. Somebody save me!!!!!!


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