Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do You Like Giveaways.........

…..then go here and visit Tish ‘cos she’s having one and while you’re there take a look here to see Tish modelling the necklace she bought from me. Doesn't she look saucey?

Since writing this a couple of hours ago I've just come across another fantastic giveaway. Cindy from Lampwork Diva is having a terrific  giveaway also, gorgeous lampwork beads to be won. Go now....leave a comment...you could win....but I hope I do.

Also about a month ago I was in a jewelry swap with 4 other ladies. I was lucky enough to have Kelly from Beadativity make the most amazing beaded necklace for me. She was very thorough in her approach to find out some things about me and comprised a set of questions for me to answer. Unfortunately I can’t show a picture of the necklace as my camera card has gone kaput but Kelly has photos on her blog and the answers to my interview questions. I'm just so astounded that Kelly works with such tiny beads and they way she blended the colours is gorgeous. Go and have a look.

Saturdays market day was great. Sold quite a few pieces, more than the week before which was good. A lovely lady who bought a necklace and some earrings from me (the grey one in the post below) unfortunately left one of her own earrings behind. So I hope she's reading my blog and will know that I have it safe and sound in my possession and I'll bring it along next Saturday.

Ok, the oven bell has gone off so I'd better check my tray of polymer clay pendants and make sure nothing has burned.

And I think this is the first post that I have done without a photo or 5 amongst the writing. Feels weird....I have to put one in....something random.

Random necklace.


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