Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An EMO and a Vampire

The Kippers went to a fancy dress party last week. Brighita as a vampire minus the fangs…..they kept falling out and Michael as an EMO.


Here’s Brighita applying Mike’s eye makeup. She used waterproof  makeup so of course when he got home and went straight to bed without taking his eye makeup off……well we all know you end up with panda eyes P1020563-1

The black nail polish is very fetching don’t you think?P1020564-1 Here they are all ready to head off into the evening, one to bite peoples necks and the other to be “all miserable” and “woe is me” and “I’m an emotional wreck”.P1020568-1

Some of my new pieces ready for market on Saturday.

Market Poly Clay

Sunday I had a fabulous clay class with Pam Annesley. You might remember I did a Precious Metal Clay class with her awhile ago when she was living in Bindoon. Well now she’s moved a bit closer and is living in  Two Rocks so I’ve booked 5 more polymer clay classes with her. Such a lovely lady and very patient and so knowledgeable when it comes to clay. I’m sure she will be able to divest me of any bad habits I’ve picked up whilst trying to teach myself. Next class Pam will try and teach me all about canes. They look so complicated and intricate but I’m looking forward to the class.


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