Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some New Pieces…and Parcels From the US

I’m loving this one and I’m very tempted to keep it. Although it’s very long, the flower sits about waist level and I might look a bit “mutton dressed up as lamb” wearing it.


Polymer clay flower pendant in pearl with a black glaze over the top…..noice!


I’ve gone all hearts and flowers of late. Made so many heart pendants in all sorts of embossed patterns, colours and finishes.


Embossed this black heart and then glazed with a pearly finish.


Simplicity at it’s best.


Black matt chain and lobster clasp with a chandelier crystal bracelet. I may just add a dangle of some sort near the clasp to add a bit of weight so the crystal stays centred.


Grey Polymer clay earrings hand stamped with a floral design. Hard to tell in the photo but the clay is a dark grey.


These I just love. These fabulous beauties unfortunately cannot be claimed to have been made by me. Tish my friend and constant cheer leader from the US sent them to me. How amazing is her wire work I ask you. And the earrings….well I’ve worn them a lot and had such fabulous comments about them. And I have great plans for the pendant, and no you can’t have it…..I’m keeping it!


So another week has almost flown by, crumbs….it’ll be Christmas before we know it. Now there’s a scary thought.

Market day on Saturday, Angove Street, North Perth, 8 am – 1 pm, the girls have ranunculas on special and I’ve got a few new pieces to showcase.


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