Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby I’m Owling For You

Does this look like an owl?


Admittedly one with a stigmatism in his left eye. I think his ears are a bit too pointy. On reflection I don’t think they’re ears, I think they’re just tuffty feathers, regardless they need re-shaping. I’ll keep playing around with the shape some more I think.


These are some of the tools I used to get the impressions for his eyes and feathers, feet and nose. The photo on the right is a little hard to see but they are lino cutting tools. The tools on the left are embossing tools used on very soft metal. Brilliant for impressing onto clay.

And here’s a couple of rings I made using the cabezels and some scrap clay. I love scrap clay, you get the most interesting patterns and colours.




In case you’re wondering about the title, it’s  a play on a song by the Black Keys, Baby I’m Howlin’ For You, it’s a favourite of mine at the moment and I’ve been thrashing it my car for the last month.


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