Thursday, September 15, 2011

So I Had This Idea

Well it’s been bubbling and percolating in my mind for a couple of months and it all started with these.


Fancy little bulldog clips. I spotted them in Officeworks a few months ago but thought to myself what the heck would I do with them. But then the idea started  to form after I made these and I wondered if it would work.
Carmen and I were in the Australian Fine Bone China shop in Mount Hawthorn  last week looking around and I spied these. Much bigger than the last lot of place mats I bought and a pretty reasonable price on sale. They’re 40 cm x 29cm (16” x 11.5”) and the patterns make me think of Grandmas, Nannas and scones. Very shabby chic retro.



But the patterned side is not what will be on show. I’ll probably paint the cork side like I did with the others.


I’m still working on a base for them and have an idea which involves blocks of wood, gouging a groove along the middle so the place mats slot in. That way they stay upright and are weighted on the bottom. So instead of having necklaces draped on a table they will all be vertical and fairly secure one hopes.

The other idea I have is because the flaps on the clips can be laid flat which secures the necklaces somewhat,  I may be able to leave the necklaces on the mats tie some elastic around the whole thing and possibly store them in a big plastic container. That way I don’t have to get each individual necklace (or bracelet) out and put them on one by one.


What do ya think? Cool idea or should I go back to the drawing board.


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