Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Unexpected But Happy News

So my son and his girlfriend flew over to Sydney last Thursday for  (of all things) an Eminem concert. Late Saturday night the phone rings and I here this voice say “MUM”, now he never says hi mum it’s me, just “MUM” and immediately my heart drops to my stomach. They’ve had an accident, I have to fly over there and bail him out of prison, he’s been mugged…..all of these thoughts went through my head at the speed of light. So when he said “we just got engaged” I didn’t believe him. He tends to play little tricks on me every so often like ringing me and asking me to pick him up and when I ask where he’ll say something like Bunbury, a 170 kilometre 2 hour drive then he tells me he’s only joking he’s at his girlfriends, a 5 minute drive away. So of course I thought he was joking and it wasn’t until I spoke to his very excited girlfriend that I knew it was true.

So once I was over the initial excitement, it suddenly occurred to me…….OMG…….I’m going to be a Mother-in-law! I think I’ll be an ok MIL, not one of those interfering, needs to butt out of their lives, type MIL’s. At least I hope not.

It’s been awhile since I posted to my blog as I’ve been a little busy with work but I have managed a few things in the past few days.

Bird and flower brooches 

I’m on a brooch kick again.


Even added some cane slices. Canes aren’t my favourite things, I find them so time consuming and fiddly and I take my hat off to all of the extraordinary cane makers out there in polymer clay land.


I love this one. It’s such a whimsical image.


I think the next brooches I make with this image and shape I might try adding some words. Any suggestions?


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