Friday, December 23, 2011

Recycled Mirror

Well not so much recycled as re-vamped some what. I made this during my mosaic period quite a few years ago. It’s been hanging in the hallway opposite the door to the bathroom . Well the hallway had a bit of a paint makeover a few weeks ago and when the mirror was taken off the wall all the grout started to crack. I obviously hadn’t prepared the substrate very well. So I managed to lift all the tiles and the grout off the backing.


And was left with this fabulous texture.


So after cleaning it up a bit and some judicious sanding I painted it with black gesso.


Just kind of slapped it on without worrying too much about perfect coverage.



Then I got out my trusty Viva Gold solid paints.


And just smeared a few of the colours over the raised textured areas (where I’d lifted off the tiles and the glue residue was still there).

And ended up with this.


Not all that excited about it anymore. Nothing like the image I had in my head. The men of the house really liked it, dunno, I think it needs spot of gold (I used silver and platinum paints) here and there just to lift it a bit.

A close up of the texture although the silvery highlights aren’t evident in the photo.

Absolutely nothing to do with mirrors but I like how these photos turned out. Late afternoon sun in our garden.



Well the shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and I’ve cooked what I needed to cook, so now it’s house cleaning and tidying my very messy studio.


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