Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jewellery Stand

Remember these? Well I had a bit of play this morning. Went to Bunnings bright and early and picked up these.


I wanted to make a portable jewellery stand that would be easy to pack and hopefully stackable and with the option of leaving the necklaces on the stand.



So I attached the self adhesive velcro strips to the brackets and the back of the place mats. As you can see I still haven’t painted the mats yet. I wanted to make sure the idea in my head would transfer to the mats before I went to the trouble (fun) of decorating them.


Now I have made a slight boo boo, I should have bought brackets that are much longer. These are about 5cm (2”) long, just not really long enough to support the placemat when it has necklaces on it. But that’s easy fixed……just another trip to Bunnings Hardware.



Now the reason I used velcro and didn't glue or screw the brackets to the mats is so that the brackets can be pulled off, allowing me to stack the mats flat in a container for easy transport.


And possibly having elastic straps tied around the necklaces to save time taking them on and off.



So now all have to do is find a bloody market here in Perth. If you know of any I’d love to hear about them.

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