Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Post Contains Mature Content

No, not the kind of mature content your thinking of. I found the loveliest blog the other day called Advanced Style by a young photographer named Ari Seth Cohen. Ari wanders the streets of New York photographing men and women of a mature age who have style, grace and a wonderful sense of fashion.

Now some of the ladies are a little “mutton dressed up as lamb-ish” I have to say, but for the most part they look wonderful.
Like this lady. She makes me want to grow my grey hair long and have a French twist and start wearing lipstick again.


Isn’t she elegant and still has a twinkle in her eye.

And this Lady.


She is 100 years old and lifts weights and goes to pilates class once a week. Lord….when I read that I felt like a lazy, overweight slob. Just the thought of walking out to the letter box overwhelms me some days let alone going to pilates class.
Read her tips for staying young.

And this elegant lady.


She also has some tips for keeping young. I particularly love her tip about shoes.

Just gorgeous.


And so chic.


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