Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All Things Silver

I quite like this. I made it for me to go with my new funky, edgy clothes I bought. Lots of silver and clear glass, and black beads.I crocheted two strands of beads and twisted them together and added a silver chain. There was an incident with the wire snapped just as I was about to finish off the ends. Drat and double drat. But with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of cussing and cursing I managed to salvage it (I think). The beads are quite large and some of them are reasonable heavy, hence only doing two strands so I'm wondering if the 28 guage I used is a little too thin. Jana are you there? I'll soon find out when it all falls apart I guess.
It's a choker style necklace which I've decided is one of the best styles for me. Because I wear glasses for reading and have them hanging off those horrible glasses hanging things most of the time, if I wear anything longer it looks weird. Plus everything gets all tangled up.
Slightly blurry photo. I should get my tripod out and use it. I always forget I've got one until I see a photo like this.
This morning I cut out a whole lot of grungeboard discs and some beautiful paper given to me by one of the ladies I work with. So another necklace and some earrings are in the pipe line along with a few other things I'm experimenting with.
Enjoy the rest of the week.


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