Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'd Rather Bead than Cook

I've had a heck of time trying to do this post. Blogger has gone stupid on me and instead of normal text it keeps reverting to Html. Rage inducing stuff I have to say. Just a couple of pieces I've made over the last few days.
A large, what I think is an etched metal ribbon slide for scrapbooking that I removed from the spine of one of my art journals. I took it off because I wanted to see if my cropadile would punch holes in it (which it does) so then I added a chain and clasp.Rub n buffed some metal letters and glued them on and added several charms to the
slot at the bottom.
A gorgeous Cathy Dailey clasp.......
.....which I added to this chain. Attached some beads, mother of pearl, web jasper, and faceted cloudy quartz which has one of Cathy's silver handmade bead caps that I just love.
Some goodies arrived in the mail yesterday, things from Humble Beads and Summers Studio so I've got lots of things to play with over the next few days, along with the arrival of my new oven. I worked out the other day the oven we have at the moment is almost 40 years old. It's a gas oven and two of the hobs don't work properly, the griller hasn't worked since we moved in (22 year ago) and the oven hasn't worked for the last 10 years. I've been making do with a little bench top oven that belonged to my mum, so now that will become my craft oven.
Hello polymer clay, shrink plastic and anything else crafty that can be cooked in a little oven. I'm more excited about having a dedicated craft oven than I am about the new oven because the new oven means I have to cook! Can you tell I'm not overly thrilled about the cooking thing?


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