Monday, April 26, 2010

The Muse, MacGyver and Me

Yesterday I took myself off the the Craft and Collectibles show at Claremont. I have to confess I spend more time in the antiques and collectibles than the craft section these days and I bought this necklace (of course I've pulled it all apart) because I knew those cream tubular beads were the right colour to go with some wallpaper focals I've made.But they were terribly bland and blah and ordinary and when I got home I was looking at them trying to come up with an idea to jazz them up a bit. Well as luck would have it, the muse just happened to pop by for a quick visit and said.....why don't you stamp them.....brilliant idea I said....but wait a minute, how am I supposed to stamp something that's tubular.....and she just shrugged her shoulders and said....not my problem, I just give you the idea and it's up to you to bring that idea to I said.....but don't you do both?....and she said....nah, that's just an ugly rumour someone started......and poof! she was gone.
So I thought, how would MacGyver tackle this problem.
Well for a start he'd definitely have a piece of wire handy.
And he'd know without a shred of doubt that the wire should be threaded through the bead.
Then I guess he'd look around for a stamp the approximate width of the bead.
Ink up the stamp and very carefully roll the bead down the stamp until it was covered. Of course he'd use two hands because he would have an assistant to hold his camera.
And this is what he would end up with.
So when I've finished putting the necklace together I'll post some photos.


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