Thursday, May 13, 2010

Black and Silver

A very hard necklace to photograph so please forgive the awful quality of these pix. I whipped this up on Tuesday lickety split and before I could say good grief, it was done. I lie.....don't believe a word I's taken me a few days to put this together. I kept changing things around, different chain, tried different ways to highlight the focal added this, took off that, played around for ages until I was happy with it. Such a simple looking necklace too, who would have thought it would take me so long.
The chain is very long, about waist length, so it can be worn a couple of different ways if desired.
The focal is wallpaper and grungeboard (what else?) with a silver metal filigree whatsit attached with some beads and crystals.
I'll see if Brighita likes it, if so she can have it as a welcome home present. Only 1 more week until she arrives home from three and half months working in New Zealand. Can't wait...I've missed my bratski.....I need her back to balance out the male to female ratio in the house and I know she's just dying to have some of my home cooked meals (my tongue is firmly in my cheek).
Speaking of cooking, my cupcakes were a hit last week but I won't bore you with photos of them. Your welcome. Now I have to try and think of something to cook for dinner tonight. Ugh!!!


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