Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Last of My Black and Silver Rut (I think)

I'm having so much trouble with blogger. It's so temperamental for me at the moment and I keep having the same problem on and off, the bold and underline icons become highlighted as soon as I start typing and then all the text is blue and underlined, plus there's a weird black line on the left side flashing on and off. Trying to get someone from blogger to help is nigh on impossible. Anyway that's a problem for me to try and solve, nothing you'd be terribly interested in unless you've experienced the same problem, if that's case email with a solution and I'll be forever in your debt and you can have my first born or a piece of jewelry.....take your pick. Just quietly I'd go for the jewelry.....even though first born is a sparky and can be quite useful around the house for installing electrical plugs and such like, he's got a large appetite, so be warned.

So this piece below was quite a challenge. Lots of cutting, glueing, setting eyelets, embossing and smudging, making figure 8 connectors, making sure it sits right, adjusting the chain quite a few times until I was happy. And happy I am.
Silver wallpaper and grungeboard.

Just a close up. And now one of my photos has disappeared. Ok it's up the top of the post now Grrrrr!
Hot water is back on, so now we can shower and use the dishwasher. It was a toss up which was worse, not having a shower or not being able to use the dishwasher. I'd forgotten what an odious task hand washing dishes is, almost up there with cooking!


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