Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cup Cakes, Leftovers and Lost

It's our son's 28th birthday tomorrow and I got the bright idea to make cupcakes thinking they'd be quick and easy and I'd have them made quicker than you can say"what-a-stupid-idea-and-you-know-you-hate-cooking-and-what-were- you-thinking". If you could see my kitchen you would probably pass out. How I get in such a mess when I cook is anyone's guess. After scrabbling around in the pantry trying to find patty pans, sparkly sprinkles, and the like, then trying to locate the cupcake pans and then mid beating one of the beaters fell out and cupcake mixture splattered everywhere, then the spoons I was using to fill the patty pans fell in the mixture..... I could go on. Anyway they're cooked and now I just have to ice them and see what kind of a mess I can get into again.
I made this with the left over beads that I stamped from the previous post. Lots of different beads, wire wrapped some of them and just did simple loops for others.I was really pleased the way these stamped beads turned out.
Some freshwater pearls.
Little silver charms.
It's designed to wear with the toggle clasp in front.
One good thing came out of today though. Last night while watching the second last episode of Lost, my eyes were so sore, it felt like I had the whole of Scarborough Beach in them and when I woke up this morning I couldn't open them properly. Damn, conjunctivitis and I had just been to the doctor the day before for a flu shot and I knew I would never be able to get back in to see him today. So I went to our local chemist all prepared to beg him for some eye drops and we'd sort the prescription out later with the doctor to be told as of the 1st of May you can now buy drops for conjunctivitis over the counter without a script. Yay. How hard is it to put eye drops in your own eyes? I kept missing my eye.
I'm going to miss Lost even though it was the most confusing, convoluted series in the history of television series. Are they in heaven or hell, is the past, present or future, how come Hurley never lost any weight, Jack and Clare related? and is Loch a good guy or a bad guy, I always liked Loch, he had a lovely crinkly smile, I don't' know.....even though it was confusing I never missed an episode.


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