Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Laughing...and not all the way to the bank.

See the photo above....it's a gorgeous necklace made by Lorelei Eurto in a book called Chain Style by Jane Dickerson. Fabulous book full of gorgeous contemporary jewelry using lots of different styles of chain. So I was browsing through it the other day for the millionth time as is my want, trying to get some inspiration and to get out of the black and silver rut that I seem to be stuck in of late and this particular necklace by Lorelei spoke to me and thought I'd use it for inspiration.
This is what evolved.....ha, ha, ha, I'm laughing just looking at it. It's a dogs breakfast! You can laugh too....I won't be offended because it's really awful. Nothing sits right, the balance is all wrong, and frankly it's just terrible.
Ok, that's enough laughing now, stop it....see, now coffee is coming out of your nose, serves you right for laughing so hard at my expense. Snicker all you like, I'm just being brave and showing you that not everything turns out how you expect it to and sometimes things just don't work.....at all....and you'd better go back to the drawing board and hope that Lorelei never sees it!
Where's the chain I here you ask, well if you must know I forgot to add it.....ok?
But seriously if you want to see some stunning pieces of wearable art got to Lorelei's blog and be amazed.


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