Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alcohol Ink Tips and Ticks

Our teacher and good friend Kelsey who teaches us at Scraptivate gave us a very handy tip a few weeks ago and I asked if she would mind if I put it up on my blog for all to see. She couldn't very well say no could she, because I would have stamped my foot and threatened not to come class anymore (although thinking about that now, maybe she would be happy if we didn't come to class, Carmen and I are the disruptive ones, well Carmen more than me!) Sometimes it would be helpful to have another type of applicator for the inks, something a bit smaller for getting into tight spots. Here's the normal Tim Holtz one.
Sometimes you would like to ink up some German Scrap so instead of using the big applicator find a small stamp that you might not use anymore or you have tranferred the stamp onto Ezi Mount and you're left with the wooden block.

Grab some self adhesive velcro and stick it to the block, cut a piece of felt the same size and presto, you have a couple of different size applicators.

Very handy.

Thanks Kelsey.


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