Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More op shop shopping

Lord save me from myself. I can't resist going into op shops and poking around, it's amazing what you find although not as good as you would find in the States of Europe, but none the less you occasionally come across some good stuff.
The two photos below I actually bought in an antiques store. Don't ask me how much because they were a little more than I would normally pay, but I couldn't resist. The lady is so pretty in her fur coat and the childrens breakfast menus intrigued me. The lady in the hand coloured photo looks like a bit of a saucy miss. And being an Adelaide girl, well I just had to get that postcard. The one underneath says "Mixed Bathing" what a hoot.

These are from my favourite "Save the Children Fund" op shop. The coasters will get some kind of makeover and the numbered files 1-31 will become some sort of journal. I think I might try to do a page a day for a month. Too late to start this month, April only has 30 days as do May and June, so I could plan on July which will give me enough time to think about it. Maybe?

So getting back to the childrens menu cards, I don't know if you can see it that well but they are from the S.S. Strathaird and dated 4th April 1952 I might see if I can dig up some information on it. I'm assuming it's a ship and if anyone can tell me what Persillees Potatoes are, you win a prize.


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