Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've just located my hips........

.........here they are living in the 70's. I was over at Creative Junkie's blog and she has some amazing digital scrapbook pages there and I got all nostalgic and decided to pull out my scrapbooks (I haven't scapped for about 2 years) and have a browse through and came across this. This was taken in July 1976, we hadn't been going out for that long so the relationship was all new and exciting (that doesn't last long!). The bike belonged to a friend so on we hopped and someone took this photo. Lord I can't believe I was that thin and my hair was still brown and I had hip bones that protruded. What happened? I'll tell you what happened....LIFE....life is what happened. Marriage, 2 children, work and a mortgage. So get your motors running and head out on the highway (the information highway, that is)
and go and take a look at Creative Junkies blog because she has a fantastic giveaway going on. Then again, don't bother because I've got dibs on it.


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