Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm experimenting here, I've wanted to print my blog posts for ages and have worked out that if I send them to my email address it makes it easier to print them. So I'm hoping this post will end up in my email box. There's probably an easier way to do it and if you know please tell me, there is some sort of widget you can upload but the whole thing is very confusing and I'm as thick as two short planks when it comes to computer stuff. Anyway thought I'd put in a few photos just to make it a bit more interesting. Below is a section of the 1.5 metre square "studio" that I have to work in. A small corner of the family room. Here's my messy desk.

This is a collage of green photos I took around the house. Thought I'd challenge myself to take photos of objects with a colour theme and try to improve my photography skills......'skills', who am I kidding. I'm a photoshop dropout and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Anyway green was an easy colour for me because it's my favourite and I really have a lot of green things in my house. Too many maybe. You can tell I'm photoshop challenged because the colours in these photos are terrible. The chillies are from the garden, the shadow of the frangipani tree is on our green sun umbrella, there's a green cushion, candle, one of my art pieces, a section of a collage I made awhile ago and the stripey thing is actually a green platter that I placed in front of window that's covered with wooden venetion blinds, hence the shadow stripes.

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