Friday, March 6, 2009

Altered Coaster

Remember these? Bought them the other day and said I would do something with them. Well just to show that I really do use some of the op shop stuff I buy, here is one of the coasters I altered.
This is after I've sanded it to rough if up a bit so the paint would stick.

Here I've given it a coat of Pale Beige gesso. It's not really pale beige, more along the lines of 'baby poo yellow'.

Now I was going to photograph each step that I did, but I got carried away and kept forgetting to pick up my camera in between steps. After the 'baby poo yellow' coat was dry I gave it a coat of Antique Brass Glimmer Mist, but instead of spraying it on I painted it on. It's not very obvious but it gives it a nice sheen. Next step was Folk Art Metallic Peach Pearl and because I'm lazy and can't be bothered washing paint brushes all the time I just poured a small blob in the middle and then smeared it around with a baby wipe. Waited for that to dry and then stamped with some of my new Tim Holtz stamps (damn those girls at Scraptivate, they could sell ice to eskimos). The image is from a collage sheet of Japanese ladies but I can't remember from where.The metal piece in the top right hand corner was part of an earing that I've put about 4 coats of different coloured Rub & Buff on to. Quote is a mish mash of several different sentences from an Anne Tyler book that I cobbled together. They made me think of a Geisha performing a Tea Ceromony.
Suzzane was the only one who could tell me what Persillees Potatoes are. Can you believe they are just common old boiled spuds with melted butter and chopped parsley. They sounded so french and gourmet-ish. So when she sends me her details this altered coaster is hers.


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