Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some backgrounds

Remember these? Picked them up for a dollar each at the Save The Children Fund op shop about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I've started doing some backgrounds on them in readiness for journalling.
This one I've stamped all over it with a very small stamp pad with four contrasting colours in it. It was in pack of alphabet stamps I bought at Big W a while ago. Then I used one of my very favourite new Tim Holtz stamps just around the edges.

This is another Tim Holtz stamp, I coloured in the cirlces with oil pastel then sloshed Radiant Rain 'Teal Zircon' over it. The sponge applicators on those bottles just don't seem to want to work, so I now use a paint brush to apply it.

Here I've used Technique Tuesday's paisley alphabet stamps. I love this particular design, they're about 2" square but I hate the stamps. They're acrylic and so sticky that they almost rip the paper up when I take the stamp off the page. Not a fan of acrylic stamps, much prefer the red rubber ones. I did get a tip from Megan which helps. Dust the stamp with an embossing chalk pillow before applying the ink and it doesn't seem to stick so much.
With all the Tim Holtz stamps I've bought lately I think I helped pay for his trip to Paris and all the fantastic goodies he bought at the flea markets there.
Well I'm off to cook pasta.


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