Sunday, March 7, 2010

Earrings Galore

Well I just did a stupid thing. Decided to try the other blog editor thingy which I didn't even know I had and all sorts of problems occurred . Every time I tried to write something it would become bold and underlined as if it was a link to something. I've had this problem for awhile but was able to overcome it by uploading my photos, saving them, going back to my dashboard then clicking edit post and everything would be alright. But even that would't work. I have a feeling this problem started when I changed from IE to Firefox quite awhile ago, so now I've gone back to IE and I still have the same problem but can overcome it by saving the photos and then going back to edit. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so how do you correct it.
Anyway all I've been doing this week is making earrings. Lots of earrings! This is just a small sample.
I've been practising making earring wires.......
......and wire wrapping.
These are my favourites, very simple, just white coral beads and antique silver earring wires and bead caps.
Now I feel like I've got a bit of jewellry cred. Bought a bench block and have been bashing away at wire and texturing some brass washers. You can see the earrings I made with the washers on the right in the top photo.
Now I think I'll cruise on over to the blog help centre and see if someone can fix the stupid problem for me.


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