Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Arfired Up

Well I've finally taken the plunge, after months of dilly dallying, weeks of faffing around, and days of stalling I've finally got my Artfire store up and running. I found the whole exercise quite confusing and frustrating to the point of almost sending Artfire an email and begging them to please make the whole thing more baby boomer friendly, don't they know we bb's aren't tech savvy and we have trouble retaining any kind of computer info. Crumbs.....I have enough trouble with this here blog for goodness sake.

Anyway to your left you will see an Artfire logo and under that is a link to my store (I hope). I've named my humble little store Back Pocket Designs. Why that particular name? Well you might ask!

Family and friends who know me well and know how much I loathe and detest Australian Rules Football will get a kick out of this (oh I just did a pun!). Really the only bad thing about winter is football and the only good thing about summer is no football as far as I'm concerned. Anyway towards the end of last winter when I was thinking about an online store I was brainstorming with Brighita and trying to think of a name for a store, she was watching the football at the time (yes even my sweet angel has gone to the dark side) and wasn't really interested and was only half heartedly contributing to the conversation and in the background I could here the nasally, twangy commentators calling the game and I heard the phrase 'back pocket'. It's some part of the football oval, don't ask me, is there a front pocket or a side pocket as well? Who knows! Well it just had a ring to it, it flowed well and didn't sound complicated or cutesy or mamby pamby. So Back Pocket Designs came into being.

In the right hand column are photos of a couple of pieces I have in my store and if you click on the photo it will take you to the store as well (I hope). I haven't listed many pieces just yet as I'm still finding my way around, but hopefully in the coming weeks I'll list a few of my wallpaper designs as well.

So if you're bored and looking for something to do pop over to my store and browse around.


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