Friday, March 26, 2010

Giveaway Reminder and New Earrings

Just a reminder about my giveaway, still a few days left to post a comment.

Some new earring designs which I'm really loving. Grungeboard painted with a metallic blue, embossed and highlighted with a white metallic wax and copper findings. The beads on the end are copper with a black speckle, they don't show up very well in the photo. Possibly because my shadow was in the way.I'm keeping these. Grungeboard painted with metallic champange, embossed and highlighted with brown stazon ink. Little bicone pearls with a very slight pink tinge to them.
These are the mother of all earrings. Fun, funky, bold and dramatic. Grungeboard painted metallic black, embossed and highlighted with silver rub n buff.
I'm going to make another pair with a slightly narrower and shorter strip and try some different colour combos.
I've just been to the doctor for a blood test. One of those glucose tests where you have to drink really sweet fizzy stuff and then wait at the lab for 2 Hours and have more blood taken. I new I had to wait but I thought I could wander off to the shops and browse around and look at stuff and kill a bit of time. But no....I had to sit there for the whole 2 hours twiddling my thumbs. But after she took the last test she said I had to go home and not do anything all day......really? so I can't do laundry or vacuum or dust or do the grocery shopping, or wash the car. Noooooo! she said. Well, I'll just have to sit at my desk and play all day. Yes! she said. Whoohoo I said.


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