Thursday, August 5, 2010

Give Away

I've done it again...thought the last post I did was 199 and this was my 200th, but in actual fact this is post 201......oh well, me and math never got along too well and what's one or two posts between friends and bloggers. So this is number 3 of the pieces I made a couple of weekends ago. (At least I think it's number 3).
Polymer clay faux raku technique, round toggle clasp.

Pendant with a dingly, dangly whats it.
Black enamel chain with the toggle clasp designed to be worn at the side rather than at the back. It's quite long and I wasn't sure if I liked it. But Carmen came over one day last week and tried it on over a cream top she was wearing and we both agreed it was quite striking on.
So onto my 200th or 201st blog post as the case may be and let's not get pedantic with numbers, I said I'd have a give away. Well here it is:
You have the choice of this piece. A silver necklace with a beautiful metal clasp made by Summers Studio.

Baubley bits and bobs made from various beads and gems and one of Summer Studios hand made silver bead caps.
It has a little sparkly bling as well.
This is another piece designed with the clasp to be worn on the side. Who wants to hide that lovely piece of hand made gorgeousness at the back.

Or you can choose a bit of whimsy. Red polymer clay heart that has been embossed and highlighted with black rub n buff. I've stamped a pattern on the back as well but forgot to take a photo.
Black enamel ball chain with a gunmetal toggle and clasp.
So what do you have to do? Easy, just leave a comment telling me which piece you'd like, you can become a follower too if you aren't already but it's not essential to be in the draw. You can Tweet, blog or face book it as well. I'll leave this post up until next Monday 9th August and then I'll pull a name out of a hat, or a bowl, or cup, or a thimble depending on the number of comments left. Good luck.
Now I'm off to cook dinner...Portuguese chicken with pumpkin and zucchini and I'm going to try and infuse it with a bit of love (DS always complains I never cook with love). That's not true......I always cook my polymer clay with heaps of love!!!!


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