Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Wish.......

.......I was one of those jewelry designers that made cohesive sets of pendants or bracelets or necklaces and named them wicked things like Tribulations or Sand and Fog or New York nights. But alas and alack I'm not, I'm still fumbling my way around things and my mind seems to go in all different directions. I can be in the middle of making a piece and an idea pops into my head and I'll stop what I'm doing and start something entirely different. I blame it on the fact that I don't have a studio. I'm sure if I had one I'd be ever so organised and creative and I would make cohesive sets with names like Sweet Studio Things, or Static Studio or Studio Stibnite.....stibnite? it's a word? yes it is...get out your dictionary. I'd sure as heck make sure I had the word studio in the title somewhere.
Anyway this is what's come out of my humble little corner of the family room this week. Another gorgeous pendant from Summers Studio in shades of blue and green. I know they should never be seen, but these shades work.

I strung some pale green beads that I think are agate, my SIL brought them back from Bali without any info on them, along with some blue glass beads.
Attached some chain that is an unusual mix of brass and gunmetal depending on the light.
Added a brass coloured floral connector and toggle clasp.
And a charm and some beads on the end of the pendant.

It's listed in my Artfire shop.


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