Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Friday the 13th and I've gone Goth.

I made these polymer clay pendants the other day. I was trying to mix up a beige colour but some how got this washed out pink (don't ask) and decided to just keep experimenting and playing around with things even if they end up in the box with all the other mistakes and mishaps that I've made (that box is almost full I might add) and thinking to myself that the colour couldn't possibly go with anything. Well lo and behold as I was wandering around the shopping centre the other day I noticed that a lot of the spring and summer fashion is very pale creams and washed out pinks and lots of antiquey looking lacey stuff and I said to myself, even though most of the time I don't listen to myself, that maybe I'm onto something, so I do actually have plans for these.

I really like this one. I rubbed Stazon Timber Brown over the raised areas and after adding the polish, the ink ran and turned this rose kind of colour. Noice!
Now onto the Goth part of this post. Black beads wired together and a silver toggle clasp.
Some white beads with little silver charms.
Black polymer clay cross. I bought this Krafty Lady mold the other day and not being a particularly religious person there was something about it that drew me to it. I think the beautiful embossed pattern is what grabbed my attention.
So I molded, baked and then added silver rub n buff to the raised areas. Added a silver bail and put it all together. So hard to get a photo to how it sits when it's worn. But hopefully you get the idea.

So that's my Friday the 13th post. Don't walk under any ladders or let black cats cross your path. Maybe my gothic cross will protect you.


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