Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Pink and a Bit Girly

Well these certainly aren't pink and girly, but it's a novel way of using a piece of 12 gauge copper wire. I guess I better get out needle, cotton and a button because I don't think DS will get around to it. Lucky he's a sparky and there's plenty of wire on his work sites or the situation could have been a bit awkward.

Thought I'd try something a bit different and try a new design to match the shabby chic polymer clay pendant I made. Strawberry quartz with some handmade polymer bead caps.
Gorgeous pink rhodocrosite rondelles with bronze coloured tiny pearls.
Here's the pendant. It's patterned and coloured both sides.
Some pale cream old fashioned lace wired to the beads and long enough to be tied at the neck with a floppy bow.
Not my usual colours or design but I'm liking it.
It's feminine and pretty and lacey. Unlike the work shorts above.


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