Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Some New Stuff

Still playing around with polymer clay and having fun although I’ve wasted a lot trying out different techniques. Some of them are morphing into completely different pieces to what I had in my head. This one below has quite a contemporary feel to it even though I was going for a totally different look. But I like it.P1020522-1



This one has a frame around it and if it wasn’t for Carmen and her fantastic strong hands it wouldn’t have eventuated.  I bought an extruder gun that is absolutely useless unless you’re Arnold Scwartzaneger (sp). Poor Carmen nearly popped a vein in her head trying to squeeze the clay out of the gun.P1020524-1 P1020525-1

Here I’ve just used white clay and hand stamped a design on it. It has a different stamp on the back so it’s reversible.P1020527-1




Now I think I’ve finally worked out the faux ceramic technique without having to use the translucent liquid sculpey, which can work out to be quite expensive. I’m really happy with the way these turned out. The square piece will end up being a toggle clasp I hope.P1020530-1

Only two more sleeps till our girl returns from 3 months back packing around Europe. I’ll finally breathe a sigh of relief when she steps off the plane then I’m going to smother her in sloppy kisses and bear hugs and if she hasn’t brought me trinkets from Paris……well she just better get back on that plane quick smart lickety split!!!!!!


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