Friday, July 17, 2009

I've gone Contemporary

Do you sometimes get a bit tired of all the vintage stuff we do? A bit over the wings and hats? Don't get me wrong, I love all that stuff but sometimes I just feel like a fresh approach. So today I made a couple of ATC's using my lips stamp that Kelsey found on line for me a few months ago.
I've used black gloss cardstock and white embossing powder on this one and white letter stickers for "pash". The Aussies who read this will know what it means and could probably tell a few juicy stories about the "pash sessions" they've had in the back seats of 1969 Valiants or FJ Holdens, I know I can. But that's a whole other story that will never be written because my "loin fruit" sometimes read this blog. This one on white gloss cardstock with black embossing and a few rub-ons along the bottom. My scanner just assumed they were black and white photos but in actual fact the little diamonte (sp) things next to the lips are coloured. Pink on the white lips and red on the black lips.
Embossing on gloss card is difficult. doesn't matter how much you pounce the little chalk pillow all over it before pouring on the powder there always seems to be a few odd granules that shouldn't be there. Oh well, it just adds to the overall hand crafted thing I guess.
Think I might do a couple more and use red embossing powder. Or I might go all out and use green or purple, if I'm goin' contemporary I may as well go the whole hog!


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