Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Housework Get's Done

Here's some Leandra beads I made yesterday, still pretty wonky but if you clump them together it's not quite so noticeable. I've attached them to various lengths of chain then attached that to a large jump ring which I attached to an even larger ring with a hole in it. Added another large jump ring that I threaded some small beads onto then put the whole thing on a chain. Fun to make but I'm suffering with RSI in my wrist and my shoulders are killing me from being hunched over the desk for a few hours. Who says you don't need to be fit to craft. Think I need to go to a gym and do some sort of muscle strengthening!
Another memory frame. Black gold and silver Opals and I laid some opal scraps over it when it was set then blasted them with the heat gun to attach them to the base.
This is the reverse side. After it was set I sprinkled on some silver and green Opals granules and heat seat them with the gun.
The small memory frames I made the other day have now become a bracelet with come small beads between the frames.
The reverse side.
In between all this jewellry making I have made some ATC's but I'll post them another day.
The pest control guy is here to do the annual termite inspection. Nice guy but I always dread his visit in case he finds some huge infestation and the roof is about to fall in. So far so good.


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