Saturday, July 25, 2009

You can Laugh.........

........we all did. Wednesday nights class with Mel was melt art beads. This is the "leandra bead" that Suzie Weinberg demos on you tube. She makes it look easy and so does Mel, but it's tricky and some of our beads were hilarious. We had alien heads, mushrooms, bobble heads and numerous other strange and twisted shapes.

It's a long pin with a small pearl bead on the top. The idea is to dip the bead in melted UTEE or opals, twirl it around until it sets and then keep repeating until you have a reasonable size bead. In between layers you can add glitter or perfect pearls if so desired.
Once the bead is set, snip most of the wire off and using needle nose pliers bend the remaining wire into a small loop, then they can be attached to a chain and turned into bracelets, necklaces or whatever your heart desires. My heart desires them to be put away in drawer somewhere never to be seen again! The bead below was made using silver opals and then brushed with perfect pearls.
These are some more of the trinkets that Svetlana and I made last week with Opals and Krafty Ladey Molds. I love the torsos she made.
The most annoying part of the whole bead making class was the interloper. Natalie the store owner brought along her partner Michael. The only man in the class and guess who made the best beads? Well I'd like to know how he explained to his blokey workmates the next day all the glitter in his hair and on his face. Doesn't matter how well you think you've washed it off Michael, some glitter still remains!


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