Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bracelet and an ATC

This is another tile bracelet with embossing. I managed to get some bails that are smaller and the loopy bit sits flush with the edge of the tile. I glazed the embossing with Glossy Accents, but when I looked at it a couple of days later the embossing had kind of a powdery look to it and it has very fine cracks over it.
The black embossing powder I used on the cream tile is Stamp-it, Super fine and the powder on the grey tile is Adirondack so I'm thinking the brand has a bearing on how well the glaze works on it. Well you live and learn and it's all about the journey blah, blah, blah. I just wish the journey wasn's so frustrating at times. This is an ATC I made paying homage to Simon and Garfunkel seeing as how they're in the country at the moment. It's a line from their song the Boxer, one of my faves. Love to sing along with it in the car and pretend I sound good. Car accoustics are excellent in my book. She's a bit of a saucy tart isn't she? Not that I think Arty and Paul are saucy or tarty. I mean anyone who can write and sing a song like Bridge over Troubled Waters couldn't possibly have the slightest bit of tarty sauce running through their veins. Really!!!

So now I'm experimenting with Sheer Heaven transfer paper and Purell hand sanitiser as a transfer medium. I've had a couple of successes and quite a few failures. It's all in the timing and the amount of purell used. Too much and it's just a big messy blob, wait too long before applying your image and the results aren't good.
I'll post some pix of my successes and failures in a few days. Gotta keep practicing.


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