Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Opals "play Date"

Had a fantastic day on Monday. The art world is a wonderful place to meet lovely people and my friend Svetlana is one of them. We spent the day at her place and played with Opals embossing powders. I've had a melt pot on order for about 6 weeks and Opals for a bout 3 weeks that I haven't been able to play with much without the melt pot. So Svetlana gave me her unused one (it's been sitting in her drawer for about 2 years) and when mine finally arrives I'll pass it on to her. So we tentatively melted and poured and these are some of our results. Below are a couple of molds that I had made with the 'mold & pour' stuff. The one on the left is a cameo and on the right is a piece of jewellry I'd picked up in a second hand shop. I've brushed the cameo with perfect pearls just to highlight it a bit and the left one is a combination of colours swirled together.
These little trinkets are Ranger memory frames about an inch square. Laid them over a patterned stamp then poured a combination of silver, gold and black opals into the frames let them harden then lifted them off. Gorgeous patterns and colours, but the beauty of them is the back looks just as incredible as the front.
The two long frames at the top of this post (sometimes blogger plays mind games with me, could have sworn I uploaded that photo, now everything is out of sequence) are the same technique as the little ones, just different colours, clear on the left with perfect pearls and a combination of green, black and silver.
So tonight I'm taking a class with Mel on how to make melt art beads and I'm really looking forward to that, so get ready for another post on my bead successes or failures (whichever the case may be) in a day or two.
I'm off to have lunch, vacuuming and washing four floors is exhausting and hunger inducing!


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