Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Postman Only Rang Once.........

.......and I ran to answer the door and there was my package of Opals embossing powders and the book. The most luscious colours and when you open the jar it's very tempting to lick your finger and and scoop up the powder to taste it because they look just like Aeroplane Jelly jelly chrystals. But I wouldn't advise doing that.They have wonderful evocative names like Currawong (black), Daintree (lime green), Mango (orangey apricot) Wild Hibiscus (dark pink) and Zeehan (silver) all in 90g jars and I bought a 150g jar of clear. It's a shame the photos don't show the colours well, but trust me they are gorgeous.

I also bought a pack of Opalettes 5 x 9g jars of the Warm palette just to see what some of the other colours are like. Aurora, Mountain Berry, Valentine, Fool's Gold and Sunburst.Their book is very informative with lots of instructions and photos and many examples of the different ways you can use them. Now I just have to wait patiently for my melt pot to arrive at Scraptivate. I badgered them into carrying the opals in their shop seeing as how Mel is going to be doing some classes on melt art. So keep a look out for them if you are in Perth.

I found it very strange that none of the LSS stores in the metro area of Perth carry the Opals. It's an Australian product made in Tasmania so it's good to support local product. Here's a link to their site.

Just some more bracelets I made. Silver beads with dingly, dangly, baubley things hanging off them. Threaded the beads onto stretchy elastic, tied it off and added the baubles and gave them to Brighita and she's worn them everyday since.

Well I'm off to make Moroccan Meat Balls and Lime Impossible pie. It was Michael's girlfriend Erin's birthday yesterday and I foolishly said "Come for dinner" (and she foolishly accepted). You know how much I looooove cooking...not, and her mum is a fantastic cook. Erin always eats like a little bird when she comes over and I somehow suspect it has a lot to do with my cooking!


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